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About Us

Incorporated since 1995, but specializing in computer systems integration and network design since 1989, Emanon.com, Inc. brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to work for you.  In addition to the wealth of experience on both voice and data networks,  our staff has a myriad of common industry certifications to demonstrate the pinnacle of knowledge and expertise.

Certifications include:

Cisco Systems Internetwork Expert (CCIE) - Routing & Switching
Cisco Systems Internetwork Expert (CCIE) - ISP-Dial
Cisco Systems Internetwork Expert (CCIE) - Security (Lab scheduled 5/1/02)
Cisco Systems Internetwork Expert (CCIE) - Design (Candidate, track discontinued)
Cisco Systems Design Professional (CCDP) - Routing & Switching
Cisco Systems Network Associate (CCNA) - WAN Switching (Service Providers)
Cisco Security Specialist - Level 1
Cisco Cable Qualified Specialist (DOCSIS/RF)
Cisco IP Telephony Support Specialist
Certified Cisco Systems Instructor
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
Cisco AVVID Field Engineer - IP Telephony
Cisco AVVID Field Engineer - Voice Access
Cisco Sales Expert - Enterprise
Ortronics Certified Systems Installer+

Other Areas of Experience:

DSL Network Design and Implementation
WAN Interconnections of all speeds (dedicated and dial access)
LAN/WAN connectivity issues (DNS, DHCP, etc.)

Troubleshoting Tools:

Network Associates Sniffer Pro
Microtest Compas Ethernet/Token Ring
T-Berd 550A ISDN BRI
T-Berd 2310 T-1/ISDN PRI/OC-3
Hukk CM-1000 RF/Cable Modem
Anritsu MS-2711A RF/Wireless
Microtest MS-1400 RF

Corporate Information:

Emanon.com, Inc.
3085 Aria Lane
Lexington, KY  40514
859.225.5349 Phone
859.225.8403 Fax



Cisco Premiere Reseller

To better service our customers, emanon.com/Inc.
is a Cisco Premiere Reseller.

This allows us to offer any series of Cisco equipment at good prices, and assures our customers that the level of technical service and expertise on any installations is top quality.


N2H2 Partner

Looking for the best way to implement a security policy on employees' Internet access at your company? 

Interfacing with an N2H2 server, the policy can be implemented in the background, automatically allowing or disallowing certain web sites from being viewed.



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