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Good networks begin with a good network design.  At Emanon.com, experience shows us that this begins with a thorough review of where a network is today, what the business needs and goals are and then looking at technical specifications from the ground up.

Without proper analysis of the existing networks, it is difficult to avoid common pitfalls when implementing new projects.  Even the best designed networks from five to ten years ago have a hard time surviving with todays demands and applications.

Emanon.com's trained staff is experienced and capable of evaluating and designing networks from the OSI Physical Layer (cabling) on up.  With significant experience implementing Quality of Service guarantees across networks, the staff can also evaluate current infrastructures and provide needs-based analysis for any upcoming project.

Network Documentation :

Any good project implementation begins with proper documentation of the existing network.  

Likewise, and good project implementation ends with proper documentation of the network.

In most companies, a lot changes between those two points in time and much of the necessary information is lost or misfiled rather than documented.  Troubleshooting poorly documented networks takes significantly more time than necessary to solve problems.  When users say something is not working properly, without proper documentation, the IT staff must first assess what "properly" is in order to return the network to that baseline.

One of the important services that Emanon.com, Inc. offers is detailed network documentation and flow-analysis.  Our trained professionals can analyze current network infrastructure of LANs and WANs to make current your network documentation.  This detailed documentation is supplied both in a paper and computer format to allow easy updates by your staff.

Good network documentation and analysis is not an easy task.  Being time consuming, it is often viewed as a low-priority item for over-worked IT staffs everywhere.  This is why Emanon.com offers a Network Documentation and Analysis service to supplement your IT staffs' busy schedule and accomplish the important documentation.


Cisco Premiere Reseller

To better service our customers, emanon.com/Inc.
is a Cisco Premiere Reseller.

This allows us to offer any series of Cisco equipment at good prices, and assures our customers that the level of technical service and expertise on any installations is top quality.


N2H2 Partner

Looking for the best way to implement a security policy on employees' Internet access at your company? 

Interfacing with an N2H2 server, the policy can be implemented in the background, automatically allowing or disallowing certain web sites from being viewed.



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