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Welcome to emanon.com/Inc.  We are a full service network consulting, design and training company specializing in a variety of high-end technologies.

Our Mission :

Our mission is to successfully integrate the latest network solutions into our customers core business processes. Our goal is to optimize and maximize our clients productivity and profitability by developing and implementing standard and customized network infrastructure strategies and solutions.

Major Technologies:

We believe in a well-rounded set of knowledge and technical expertise that evolves with the marketplace.  Some of the highlighted areas of technology focus at emanon.com/Inc. include:

IP Telephony and Voice over X-Technology
Wireless LAN and WAN
DOCSIS and Cable Routers


Cisco Premiere Reseller

To better service our customers, emanon.com/Inc.
is a Cisco Premiere Reseller.

This allows us to offer any series of Cisco equipment at good prices, and assures our customers that the level of technical service and expertise on any installations is top quality.


N2H2 Partner

Looking for the best way to implement a security policy on employees' Internet access at your company? 

Interfacing with an N2H2 server, the policy can be implemented in the background, automatically allowing or disallowing certain web sites from being viewed.



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