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Emanon.com, Inc. offers a variety of consulting retainers known as Rent-A-CCIE to allow for network consultation or support based on an hourly, as-needed basis.

This service is a method of retaining the services of a highly trained network consultant without the necessity of having a full-time employee.  Purchase blocks of hours, use them as you need.  An hour here, a couple of hours there, when you need them, they will be there.

It's possible to plan ahead for upcoming projects where you may require services in the design phase, implementation phase and documentation phase of a project.  As blocks of hours increase in size, the rate per hour drops, helping you plan for any sized project, big or small.

Rent-A-CCIE Levels:

10 hours ($3,750) <$375/hr>
25 hours ($8,125) <$325/hr>
50 hours ($13,750) <$275/hr>
100 hours ($22,500) <$225/hr>
Network Documentation Special ($9,800)
Security Posture Assessment ($13,000)

Select the type of service level and click below to purchase.

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Juniper JNCIE Added!

As we increase our push into multiple market segments, the desire to bring the pinnacle of networking expertise to our company hasn't stopped with one vendor.
Increasing the use of Juniper Networks' expertise, we have added our first JNCIE (Juniper Networks Certified Internet Expert) to the team.
The JNCIE is a gruelling and extensive one-day lab exam that involves troubleshooting an existing network design as well as bringing a large network to the next level of MPLS and MPLS-VPN service functionality, and all within eight hours!


Quadruple CCIE!!!!!!!!

As mentioned, the CCIE represents the pinnacle of network expertise, certainly with respect to Cisco.  As there are multiple tracks, or areas of expertise, it is possible to gain expert-level certification in multiple areas.  Each CCIE designation requires the same requirements:

Passing an intense written exam

Passing a gruelling hands-on lab exam

Scott Morris now has the designation of being a QUADRUPLE CCIE, with expert-level status in:

Routing & Switching



Service Provider

This makes him one of only 7 people in the entire world to obtain expert-level certification in so many areas.  (And 72% of those work for Cisco)




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