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Technologies Vision:

The majority of the voice and fax traffic moves from circuit switched networks to the internet and the voice quality between a circuit call and an internet-based call becomes indistinguishable resulting in the burgeoning IP telephony and wireless services market. 
With this push comes the increased need for security and a technology-minded company to handle the convergence with skill and care for business.

VoIP and IP Telephony

Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an integral part of the “multi-service networking” concept, which encompasses the support of data, voice, and video business communications services by existing enterprise data networks. By doing everything from transmitting phone calls and receiving voice mail to videoconferencing, VoIP can add efficiency and functionality to business communications. This ability to transfer voice via the data network can leverage existent architecture and resources, and significantly cut costs on outbound domestic or international calls. 


Wireless technology is capable of transforming your business tools into mobile, real-time access points for the Internet and critical company network resources. Wireless enables networking to take place without the limitations of physical space or boundaries, allowing you to move and change at the speed of the organization because your infrastructure is not buried in the ground or hidden behind walls. 


Network security breaches can result in damaging losses, concerns about information security and sometimes even prevent enterprises from implementing the Internet-based solutions they need to stay competitive. This reluctance can quickly reduce a company's growth potential and erode its competitive position. Without appropriate precautions, Internet connectivity could compromise the very information assets that make companies profitable and enable them to serve customers. 

As enterprise leaders, we offer security options that allow our customers to securely deploy mission-critical applications and networks in order to gain competitive advantage. Services based on our Partnership with Cisco Systems include managed firewall, managed VPN (network based and premises based), and managed intrusion detection. 


In addition to the common networking technologies that many companies may bring to the table, Emanon.com, Inc. also brings a staff of experienced telecommunications and telephony technical skills to the table.  To assist with both voice and data technologies and the convergence of the two, Emanon.com has years of experience with telephone key systems, hybrid systems and PBX technologies.


Whether your company has a small/collapsed infrastructure or is a fully deployed internal MPLS core, we have the right people to bring in with any assistance necessary. Large enterprises and service providers each have different needs even surrounding similar technologies. The quantity and variety of technical experience our engineers have is supplemented by analytical business-savvy skills as well in order to make sure your network works for your business model.
Making your network fit your business is incredibly important. Don't try to make your business fit your network model.


Cisco Premiere Reseller

To better service our customers, emanon.com/Inc.
is a Cisco Premiere Reseller.

This allows us to offer any series of Cisco equipment at good prices, and assures our customers that the level of technical service and expertise on any installations is top quality.


N2H2 Partner

Looking for the best way to implement a security policy on employees' Internet access at your company? 

Interfacing with an N2H2 server, the policy can be implemented in the background, automatically allowing or disallowing certain web sites from being viewed.



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